Coming from Dakar by motorway, take the Sindia/Popeguine exit number 14 to Sindia in 2 km, then take a right on the National Road (N1) Dakar-Mbour for 3,3 km, turn left at the signposts, continue the track in laterite for 800m.

Coming from Saly, you will have 15 km to travel and 18 km from Mbour.

The tour can be done by personal car, taxi or by renting on site an elevated and open off-roader taking up to 8 (11 if children) or 24 people. It is not necessary to reserve.

Allow 2 hours for the actual visit. The reserve is open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Be aware that animals are more visible outside the hot midday hours. In rainy weather, a 4x4 vehicle is essential.